Single Head Keg Washer

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The most economical keg washer available.

Our single head keg washer combines economy and efficency. It is easy to roll to wherever you need it. It can be plugged into any standard outlet. It uses the least amount of gas, electricity and most importantly the least amount of chemicals.


Double Head Keg Washer

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The most popular model

The double head keg washer cleans two kegs at the same time. It can still be easily moved when needed. Approximately every 3 minutes it will clean 2 kegs by simple pushing one button. This size is perfect for 7bbl to 10bbl breweries. It give you enough capacity to grow.


Triple Head Keg Washer

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Large scale solution

No other keg washer can clean nearly this many kegs this fast for the same price. Approximately every 3 minutes you can have 3 kegs cleaned and ready to go. Whether you want to wash a bunch of kegs as fast as possible or you want to have the flexiblity to take your time, this gives you that ability. This keg washer is perfect for 10bbl and up.


Quad Head Keg Washer

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The beast

This beast will clean 4 kegs at a time. This is serious value for your money. Other 4 head keg washers will cost your 3 times this much. This keg washer will work for any size brewery. You can still plug it into any outlet and it is still as efficent as the other sizes. It just cleans at lot more at a time.